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Ice Planter is honored to offer a range of tactical video cameras and accessories to military, law enforcement, private security companies, public safety agencies and those who work for them.

We understand the unique needs of our government customers and unlike typical electronics or tactical mega stores, we stand ready with expert consultation to ensure that your tactical and training video systems and accessories exceed your mission parameters; live American phone support is always available.

Our federal custumers include FEMA, special operations units of all military branches including Air Force PJs, Army Rangers, Warrior Training Center (Ft. Benning) and Air Assault (Ft. Cambell), Marine Recon (Pendleton) and Coast Guard pararescue.  Our law enforcement customers include numerous state and local police departments, SWAT teams and fire/EMS.

- Headquarted in Arlington, VA, 100% US owned and operated.

- Below-GSA priced effective cost on all cameras and mission-specific consultation

We are also honored to serve individual rank-and-file down range service members and LEOs for unit and personnel use - whether you are a dismounted infantryman looking to record a heroic mission or film your kids on a rafting trip!  On even the smallest orders we offer free global APO/FPO shipping to active duty military and their families here at home.

Our products include GoPro, V.I.O POV, Epic and custom video systems. Ice Planter also sells body-worn, helmet, vehicle and weapon mounts for cameras including picatinny mounts for AR15, M4, M16 platforms.

For Military, Law Enforcement and Government Agency & Personnel, consultation, pricing and orders please email or phone Adam at (202)652-2250.

Thank you for your service to our nation and its communities.


DUNS# 079134931

COMM: (202) 652-2250



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GoPro Front Mount – AHFMT-001 – 185323000361 GoPro HERO4 GoPro P.O.V. Case - 52030
GoPro Front Mount - AHFMT-001GoPro HERO4 Black w/ Car, Wall Chargers, 64GB memory - CHDHX-401GoPro P.O.V. Case - 52030

GoPro Front Mount - AHFMT-001 Mount your GoPro to the front of your helmet in a headlamp-like position. Capture forward-facing footage, or adjust the extendable arm so the camera is facing you for self-portrait videos and photos. The mount can be...

GoPro HERO4 Black - The top of the line wearable camera, includes free 32GB class 10 memory card, car charger, wall charger and free US and APO/FPO shipping. Most advanced GoPro ever. HERO4 Black takes Emmy® Award-winning GoPro performance to...

POV Case 3.0 Small black - suitable for gopro® hero2, 3, 3+, #52030 Organize your camera equipment with the P.O.V. Case by SP-Gadgets. This compact and easy to use case keeps your action-cam-set protected at all times. Fits for all GoPro®...




GoPro HERO3+ Black Edition, CHDHX-302, 818279010817 GoPro HERO3+ Black Edition, CHDHX-302, 818279010817 GoPro NVG Night Vision Goggle Mount - ANVGM-001
GoPro HERO3 Plus Silver with 32GB SD, Car and Wall Chargers GoPro HERO3 Plus Black Includes 32GB SD, Wall and Car Charger GoPro Tactical Package

GoPro HERO3 Plus Silver Edition Include $55.00 Extra Value Package: Includes 32GB Class 10 Micro SD Card, Dual USB Car Charger, Wall Charger, US, HI, AK and APO/FPO Shipping

GoPro HERO3 Plus Black Edition Free $58.00 Extra Value Package: Includes 32GB Class 10 Micro SD Card, Dual USB Car Charger, Wall Charger, Free US, HI, AK and APO FPO Shipping

The GoProTactical Package




HERO3 Silver Edition, 818279010015, GoPro HERO3 silver edition, GoPro HERO3 silver, CHDHN-301, GoPro HERO3, HERO silver, GoPro HERO3, HERO3, HERO 3, GoPro tax free, cheapest gopro POV.HD - ADVANCED POINT-OF-VIEW 1080p HD - POV200 The POV.HD from V.I.O. is the most flexible, rugged, and easy to use point-of-view HD video system available. GoPro NVG Night Vision Goggle Mount - ANVGM-001
GoPro HERO3 Silver with Wall and Car Charger - Last OneVIO POV.HD Tactical Video Camera Includes 32GB SD + ShippingGoPro NVG Night Vision Goggle Mount - ANVGM-001

GoPro HERO3 Silver Edition includes Wall Charger and Car Charger - CHDHN-301 - Free US and global APO/FPO shipping The HERO3: Silver Edition boasts built-in Wi-Fi and is 30% smaller and 25% lighter than the HERO2.

V.I.O. POV HD with 32GB SD Card is the most flexible, rugged off-the-shelf tactical helmet camera for military, law enforcement and TV production where a low-profile camera broadcast-quality solution is required.

The GoPro Night Vision Goggle Mount (NVG) attaches HD HERO cameras to any military or police helmet outfitted with an NVG mounting plate. ANVGM-001





C-Clamp VIO POV Chest Harness Kit POV189 GoPro Flat Adhesive Mounts - AAFLT-001
C-Clamp - V.I.O POV Picatinny Rail Mount for cameras - POV126V.I.O. POV Chest Harness - POV189GoPro Curved Adhesive Mounts - AACRV-001
C-Clamp - Connects V.I.O. POV camera to Wide Flange base and to tube rail or other picatinny rails. Other components provided include rubber o-ring to secure C-clamp. Perfect for use on M4, M16, AR15 and related carbines. Durable mount is recoil proof on most caliber rifles.

POV189 - The POV Chest Harness is a body worn mounting solution for the recording unit. The Chest Harness can be worn over and under jackets.

GoPro Curved Adhesive Mounts - For any curved, smooth surface, such as helmets, molded body parts, bumpers, watercraft, etc.  Same mounts already included with most HERO and HD HERO cameras.




GoPro Flat Adhesive Mounts - AAFLT-001 Ultra Clamp Universal Mount
GoPro Flat Adhesive Mounts - AAFLT-001Ultra Clamp - ANL016Universal Mount - ANL017

GoPro Flat Adhesive Mounts - For any flat, smooth surface. Same mounts already included with most HERO and HD HERO cameras.

Ultra Clamp - The Ultra Clamp will mount your V.I.O. camera to items from 1/8" up to 1 5/8" in diameter, such as a car window or bike seat post. It works great in conjunction with our flex mounts or as a stand alone mount to catch that tricky angle.

Universal Mount - This flexible rubber sleeve keeps your cam tight while the hook and loop backing secures the mount to the helmet surface.




Adhesive Mount Wide Flange Rail POV Pouch
POV Adhesive Mount - ANL024Wide Flange Base - POV123POV Pouch - POV145

VIO POV Adhesive Mount - This mount kit provides a lightweight base with adhesive backing and zip ties to secure your helmet cam wherever you need it. This mount is for semi-permanent solutions. Mount includes 4 adhesive bases and 10 zip-ties.

Wide Flange Rail - Velcro or adhesive to helmet or smooth surface-also can be screwed onto something like a bumper. Other components provided include Wide Flange Adhesive and Wide Flange double hook and loop.

POV Pouch - Attaches to all Belts, packs, and vests - including those with the Molle system. Velcro access to LCD screen, buttons, and I/O Port.




Camera Head - 110° FOV Camera Head - 110° FOV
V.I.O. RAM Suction Cup Mount POV198V.I.O. RAM Suction Cup Mount + POV Camera Clamp - POV199

A POV Camera head mounting solution including the RAM Suction Mount and POV Tri-Pod Mount. The two complementing pieces are joined by a secure Tri-pod thread.

A POV Camera head mounting solution including the RAM Suction Mount and POV Tri-Pod Mount. The two complementing pieces are joined by a secure ¼-20 Tri-Pod thread.




Always visually inspect all weapons to insure they are unloaded with action open before installing or removing any accessories.

Never use a weapon-mounted camera to film anything you do not want destroyed.  

Always determine your unit/branch's official policy regarding approvide cameras used in parachuting and other dangerous activities including private vehicles.  

Never put capturing a video ahead of your safety or those with you - no video is worth risking your life for.  If you have any questions on the safe use of your camera or accessories contact us at 877-499-3580.  You are solely responsible for the safe use of your equipment.