Universal input AA AAA charger
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T6778 Universal Input (AC 110-220V) Ultra Fast Smart Charger w/ LCD Display, USB Cable & Car Plug

The ultimate charger to ensure your camera is always charged and ready to go no matter where you are.  (Not compatible with GoPro HD cameras)

Features and Benefits

  • 110-240V AC worldwide Voltage ,60/50Hz, 12-13.8V DC, 5V DC
  • 4-individual charging channels enables you to charge 1,2,3 or 4 pieces of same or different types (Nimh/Nicd), different size (AA or AAA) and different capacity of batteries at the same time
  • LCD indicator displays the charging status of each cell
  • Negative Delta V Cut off feature to 100% protect your batteries
  • With over-temperature and reverse polarity protection
  • Could be charged by AC Adapter, external car adaptor or USB cable
  • It is recommended to charge batteries of same capacity in each charging process.
  • Charger weight: 4.0oz
  • Package weight: 12oz


  • Insert 1,2,3 or 4 pcs of AA or AAA batteries into the charging slot correctly in accordance with the polarity indication(+/-)
  • Plug the charger into an AC Power source & LCD bars will move upwards.
    • Using car adaptor - connect the car adaptor to DC jack of charger and car's 12V socket.
    • Using USB cable - connect the USB cable to DC jack of charger and USB socket of your computer
  • When charging is completed, disconnect charger from power source and remove batteries from charging slot
  • Do not charge Alkaline or non-rechargeable batteries.
  • Indoor and dry location use only. Do not expose the charger to rain, snow or extreme condition.

LCD Indications

Conditions LCD Signal
Stand-by LCD "OFF"
Charging LCD bars moving upwards
Completed charging Solid LCD bars
Trickle charging Solid LCD bars

Charging Time

Battery Size Battery Capacity Approx. charging time(3-4pcs)
AA 1800mAh 3.2hrs
2100mAh 3.7hrs
2300mAh 4 hrs
2500mAh 4.4hrs
2700mAh 4.7hrs
2800mAh 4.9hrs
AAA 700mAh 3.3hrs 
850mAh 4 hrs
900mAh 4.2hrs
1000mAh 4.4hrs

Charging Current

  Size 4 pcs
AC input AA 800mA
  AAA 300mA
DC input AA 800mA
  AAA 300mA
USB input AA 500mA
  AAA 300mA


  • Item #: T6778
  • Manufacturer: Tenergy
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: T6778

Ultimate Universal Charger with AC, USB & Car Adaptors

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