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The ARC (Accessory Rail Connector) Mount is an accessory mounting system for ACH, TC 2000, and MICH Series helmets from MSA. This mount will quickly attach or release a variety of accessories including; POV.T Camera Head, Flashlight, Visor, COMs, Strobe, Mandible, Battery Pack, 02 Mask. The ARC Mount is designed for use on MSA ACH Medium, Large, and Extra Large helmets.

    * Left and Right MSA Accessory Rail Connectors
    * (4) M6x19 and (4) M6x24 ballistic screws & T-nuts
    * (2) Picatinny adapters & (2) Universal Wing-Loc adapters


    * Strongest, lowest profile mount solution
    * Snag free for HALO, HAHO and static line
    * Fits ACH / MICH / TC2000 and MICH 2002 Gunfighter helmets in M, L and XL sizes
    * Does not fit MICH 2001 (high ear cut) helmet

  • Item #: POVARC
  • Manufacturer: V.I.O. POV HD Cameras - VIO Cameras
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: POVARC

V.I.O. Arc Mount

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