VIO POV Chest Harness Kit POV189
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The POV Chest Harness (POV189) is a body worn mounting solution for the recording unit. An additional mount is provided for a quick shoulder style mounting solution for the camera head. The Chest Harness can be worn over and under jackets. For additional information please see detailed photos and detailed information.


  • POV Chest Harness
  • POV Pouch
  • Goggle Mount (shoulder strap mounting option)



Operating instructions:


  1. Attach the POV Pouch to the front of the Chest harness by weaving the straps of the POV Pouch through the MOLLE straps on the front of the POV Chest Harness
  2. Place the POV Recording Unit securely into the POV Pouch
  3. Attach Goggle Mount to the shoulder strap and secure the camera head to the mount
  4. Thread the digital AV cable along the connected strap along the back of the unit to the shoulder, starting with A and finishing with D
  5. Once the camera head has been threaded and secured with the double hook and loop strips, connect the AV cable to the POV Recording Unit, and place the slack into the interior of the pouch using the provided opening (E)


Before using the POV Chest harness test the placement of the POV Goggle Mount on the shoulder strap to insure optimal results.

  • Item #: POV174
  • Manufacturer: V.I.O. POV HD Cameras - VIO Cameras
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: POV174

V.I.O. POV Chest Harness - POV189

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